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Boosts Hair Growth / Adds Strength & Shine / Reduces Hair Fall.

Russian monk heavy hair fall control oil is manufactured with total commitment to quality. Using ayurvedic and imported healing ingredients, This heavy hair fall control oil is blend of natural herbel extracts. It is the total solution against Hairfall, dandruff, white hairs, thinning of hairs, dry hairs, dull hairs, split ends, scalp problem. It helps you to remove the excess tangle and knots, it nurtures the scalp to grow natural and healthy long hair. It can be used for all ages people.Russian monk heavy hair fall control oil is basically made by pure ayurvedic herbs and imported secret ingredients which effectively prevent the hair fall and help to grow long hair with no side effects.

Rose: – Softens hair, Reduce dandruff and oiliness, Reduce frizz and add shine.

Jojoba: – Condition hair, Ditch dandruff ,  Protect against damage, Promote hair thickness and growth.

Clary sage: - Boost hair growth,strengthens your hair, Rid you of pesky dandruff,and naturally treat scalp conditions that cause inflammation and irritation

 Evocado: Nourishes hair protects against damage, promotes a healthy scalp, Encourage hair growth/ Prevent hair loss.

Tea Tree: -  Dandruff, Hair loss, Keeps your hair healthy and moisturized which help your hair grow at its normal rate and prevent it from falling out.

Awla: Strengthen the scalp and hair. Reduce premature pigment loss from hair, or graying, stimulate hair growth, prevent or treat dandruff and dry scalp.

Hibiscius: – Prevent split ends, Stop hair loss, Make your hair look healthy and lustrous, prevent premature graying , Add volume , Condition aginst frizz, Dryness and breakage.

Sunflower oil:  -  Helps in deep conditioning your strands and  stimulating dormant hair follicles, Ensures healthier,faster and stronger hair growth cycles.

Argan oil: – Moisturizes and conditions of your hair, Prevents styling and coloring damage, sun protection.

Bhringraj:- Increases blood circulation to the scalp and roots, Which promotes hair growth, Activates the hair follicles which enhances hair growth.

Rosemary:- Stimulating hair growth, Prevent pre-mature graying and dandruff, Promote nerve growth, Improve circulation.

 Lavender: – Speed up hair growth , Generate the growth of cells and reduce stress, Improve scalp health.

Black cumin seeds: – Removes dandruff, Rashes and itchiness from the scalp owing to its antiviral, Anti-bacterial and also wound- healing properties, Keep the hair smooth.

Margosa (Neem):- Relieves itchy scalp, Treatment of dandruff, Intensify hair growth, Reducing hair fall ,Pre-mature of graying of hair, Conditions under nourished hair.

  peppermint: – Increasing circulation , Improve hair growth and prevent some hair loss , Peppermint menthol also imparts a freshened smell and tingly sensation on the skin and scalp.

1- Pump out a generous quantity of the oil depending on your hair volume and length.

2- Gently massage onto scalp focusing on the roots, than work it through the length of your hair.

3- Leave it overnight for excellent results and wash your hair with a sulphate free shampoo.

# Note- Female- Use at least 3 times a week.
          Male- Use at least 5 times a week.

1- Men and women of age 15 years and above. 2-The hair oil is suitable for all hair types.

Rating & Reviews

  • Vishal singh - May 2, 2022

    Very effective and quality product.. my dandruff intensity is reduced with two uses!!

  • Pooja Roy - May 2, 2022

    I had been suffering from excessive hairfall for many years and tried oils of different brands including the well known ones but they had no impact on my hairfall. Even massaging the hairs with hot coconut oil did no good as it is said that this method would reduce the falling of hairs and blah blah bla.... But then I came through this oil on it Russian monk website and read reviews about how effective this oil is so I thought to give it a try. After using it 2-3 times, I was amazed to see that it reduced my hairfall though my hairs still fall but not compared to the condition that I had been suffering from many years. I would highly recommend using it. Trust me, it's not a paid review that I am writing!
    A little expensive though but why not try! Have ordered it 2nd time as well.

  • Satvik Aryan - May 12, 2022

    this product is very usefull and has also repair my hair loss and strength them.

  • Mack Limbu - January 10, 2022

    My wife's hair used to come out in clumps now almost completely stoped.

  • vipul Gupta - January 20, 2022

    Yes this product value for money.

  • Ujjwal Panday - March 20, 2022

    This Product is good for hair fall control.

  • Riya jain - May 22, 2022

    This product is very good for reducing hairfall, the results are visible within 2 weeks of regular application.

  • Sweeta Reddy - August 22, 2022

    Really good and not sticky oil product as compared to other hair oils.
    Value for money.

  • Shreya - July 5, 2022

    The oil is on the verge to end and it works soo good!
    I mean it might be possible that different people have different opinion but for me it really worked well!

  • Neha Agarwal - June 14, 2022

    The product has worked really well. I have been using since some time now and hair fall has reduced and the length of my hair has increased. It isn't very sticky and the smell is also fine.

  • Sonam Khatri - April 4, 2022

    After using this 10 days, my hairfall was totally stopped.I Think this is best product than others.

  • Happy Ahuja - September 24, 2022

    It's a great product. Non sticky unlike other products and worth the value. I used it for the first time and I liked it.

  • Sama Tomar - March 24, 2022

    I have so much hairfall post of my friend suggested me to use Russian monk heavy hair fall control oil ,Trust me it's been like 1.5 years now I have not even noticed a single hairfall plus the volume is back. This is by far the bestest product. I have used home remedies also but being a working women i got very less time to prepare the formula. This oil have every ingredient which gives strength to your hair. Also it is not sticky and removes easily after one wash.

  • Jyoti Anand - June 4, 2022

    It's effective at least hairs looking shining and soft without conditioners..

  • Jeetu Ghosh - June 23, 2022

    Have been using this Oil for 1 month. I could see decrease in hairfall. Will be using for 3-4 months more to see the effect.